Andrew Wood, MFA, Yale School of Drama • Essentials Online starting soon. • Call for a Free Informational Session • (323) 836-2176

You might be an Andrew Wood student if…

1. you like doing scenes from plays that surprise you
2. you want a scene partner that shows up every week, ready to work
3. you like being surprised by what comes out of you
4. you like working on a scene until it’s really, really good
5. you enjoy daydreaming and wondered how it could help you make a living
6. you like some irreverence with your seriousness
7. you play to win
8. you see props as opportunities to enrich the physical life of the scene, not something to mime and do without
9. you don’t rehearse your scene in the hallway ten minutes before class
10. you like to go deep
11. curiousity is your drug of choice
12. you don’t show cleavage at auditions
13. you think that anything worth doing is worth doing well