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to everyone who has ever wanted to audit my class

Now’s your chance.

Well, not quite.

But the next best thing. Come and see the show I’ve directed .

It’s a good representation of what I value in acting.

I don’t allow auditors because I go to some lengths (including an attendance policy and clear expectations about rehearsal and preparation outside of class) to guarantee that people are present consistently and contributing. This creates an environment of dedication, camaraderie and trust that is very valuable, and my concern is that having people come in to observe the class could undermine that atmosphere.

So I don’t allow auditing. I do, however, meet with anyone interested in the class for coffee to explain the nature and the workings of the class in full. Also, the class is set up on a pay-as-you-go basis, so there isn’t the kind of risk up front that there is with a class that requires full payment up front.

There is also a lot of information about me and my classes on the website, including interviews and testimonials.

All that said, coming and taking a look at the show is another great way to find out what I’m about.

Hope to see you.