I made it back to hip-hop class today, after too long a hiatus, and it was just what the doctor ordered. It is taught by one Micaya, who has been teaching hip-hop in the Bay Area for 20 years, and choreographing and producing festivals besides. Her class is always a shot in the arm. She is always talking about the fire in the belly. Her hip-hop is not about prancin’ around lookin’ cute, it’s about hurling thunderbolts. And it’s great for actors: so many of us carry a lot of habitual tension in our upper bodies, and so it’s hard for those impulses that start in the gut (if we’re lucky!) to make it up and out. But hip-hop gets you LOW, real LOW, and nobody gets you lower than Micaya. And she breaks it down so well and so clearly. She teaches with precision and fire– two of my favorite things. You can find her class schedule at www.micaya.com. Check it out!


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