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free things you can do for your acting

trellis of acting technique

Everybody goes through times when there isn’t a lot of broccoli in the crisper, for whatever reason.  But that’s no reason to stop doing work to develop yourself as an actor.  Here are some terrific things you can do to feed your creative soul or hone your craft while you’re waiting for the financial picture […]

“Film acting is small.” Oh really?

Just a couple of counter-examples. Feel free to suggest more in the comments. The notion that “film acting is small and theater acting is big” is a cliche. Great acting is bold and truthful, regardless of the medium. An underwhelming, trivial performance will vanish down the memory hole faster than you can say Amy Adams […]

Yale School of Drama at the Oscars

It was great to hear the Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong’o, thank the Yale Drama School in her Oscar acceptance speech. 4 I think it’s not uncommon for successful Hollywood actors to want to de-emphasize that they were trained; they want to seem to have been endowed with something innate and mysterious, […]

Patricia Clarkson Paul Giamatti Frances McDormand Lupita Nyong’o

Meryl Streep Angela Bassett Sigourney Weaver John Turturro Liev Schreiber Tony Shalhoub Jane Kaczmarek David Hyde Pearce Chris Noth Henry Winkler Joan Van Ark Charles Dutton Ken Howard Stacy Keach Courtney B. Vance Sanaa Lathan Kathryn Hahn Kate Burton Christopher Lloyd Ron Rifkin Malcolm Getz Julie Harris Lupita Nyong’o What do they have in common? […]