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see what I mean? (eisenberg vs. segel)

(This post continues my last one.) Quick: which of these two actors seems more alive to you in this moment? If you said Eisenberg, on the left, look again, and this time, pay attention to what is happening inside of you when you look. See what I mean? I am always astounded at the power […]

I feel so sorry for Jesse Eisenberg

He plays opposite Jason Segel in The End of the Tour. Segel plays David Foster Wallace, who had just been hailed as the greatest writer of his generation. Eisenberg plays David Lipsky, writer himself and reporter for Rolling Stone, who joins Wallace on the last leg of his book tour for his newly-released masterpiece, Infinite […]

some thoughts on The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg, who played the lead in The Social Network, is a smart actor. He’s also a good actor. He embodied the fierce intelligence and determination his role seemed to ask for admirably. Is he a great actor? He may be one day, but he’s not there yet. Why do I say that? Consider the […]