Acting Class Los Angeles: Andrew Wood Acting Studio

Morris Chestnut: “I always try to get better. I still see acting coaches.”

Terrific interview with Hollywood veteran Morris Chestnut. And speaking of chestnuts: Interviewer: Morris, you’ve had such a longstanding career in TV and in movies. What do you attribute that to? Some actors, you know, have a hard time sustaining their careers, but you’ve had such a long career. Why do you think that is? Morris […]

the secret of their success

Japan has won three of the last five Little League World Series. What’s the secret of their success? The team practices eight to 10 hours every Saturday and Sunday. Each morning is devoted just to fielding practice. The kids field endless bunts, and turn one double play after another. Ten hours a day! “This is […]

a neverending story

I mentioned a while back that I had started reading a book called Guitar Zero. I’ll admit to getting sidetracked (producing and directing a play has more than a little to do with it 😉 ), but I have picked it up again. Here’s a passage I recently found to be very inspiring: Music, as […]

deliberate practice

Another chestnut from Gary Marcus’ book Guitar Zero: The second prerequisite of expertise is what Ericsson calls “deliberate practice,” a constant sense of self-evaluation, of focusing on one’s weaknesses rather than simply fooling around and playing to one’s strengths. Studies show that practice aimed at remedying weaknesses is a better predictor of expertise than raw […]

we got the beat

I read a little more in Guitar Zero, which I introduced in my last post. And I came across something very interesting. It had to do with what cognitive psychologists call critical periods, the age range when new skills can be learned with optimal speed and thoroughness, usually considered to coincide with childhood and end […]

it’s never too late

I heard this great interview on NPR the other day with psychologist Gary Marcus about his book Guitar Zero. He had taught himself to play the guitar as an adult, and the book combines meditations on this experience with the latest science on learning. He opens the book with a discussion of the idea of […]