Acting Class Los Angeles: Andrew Wood Acting Studio

“the grit to keep standing”

This NPR story about the singer Jewel, and her new book, and all that she had to overcome to become who she is, is ruthlessly inspiring. Physically abusive father. Boss who withheld paycheck when she refuses to have sex with him. Consequent eviction. Living in her car. Kidney problems that made keeping a job very […]

touching lives

So inexpressibly sad today about the horrific and grotesque execution of American journalist James Foley. His parents spoke about him today. Watch more news videos | Latest from the US I loved what they had to say about why he went back to the Middle East after being imprisoned in Libya: why do firefighters keep […]

chekhov work

I am working with a terrific group of actors in my advanced class at the moment. We are doing scenes from Chekhov’s plays. I absolutely love working on Chekhov. Part of that is the difficulty and the mystery. His writing is enigmatic, surprising, not at all obvious, but with a little effort whole new realms […]

the seriousness of children at play

“A man’s maturity: that is to have rediscovered the seriousness he possessed as a child at play. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Beyond Good and Evil On Facebook, my old friend Michael Goodfriend (!) reminded me of how our acting teacher at Yale, Earl Gister, liked to make use of this quote. And what a quote it is. […]

On Success and Failure

I came across this: “Failure’s hard, but success is far more dangerous. If you’re successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever.”– Po Bronson And it made me think of other wise things I have heard on the subject over the years: To divide men […]

what Nina says at the end of The Seagull:

jeremy renner

When I think of my vocation, I am not afraid of life. I thought of that after reading this piece of an interview with Jeremy Renner, the lead in The Hurt Locker: Did you ever think about quitting acting?Nope. Not even for a moment?Never. It’s not about anybody else. It’s me. It’s that determination and […]


“I am afraid of those who will look for tendentiousness between the lines and who are determined to see me either as a liberal or a conservative. I am neither a liberal nor a conservative, neither a gradualist nor a monk nor an indifferentist. I would like to be nothing more than a free artist, […]