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the great challenge of making imagined relationships feel like real ones

I came across a column on The New York Times website, called The Myth of Quality Time. Columnist Frank Bruni shares a realization that he had about why he changed his mind about thinking that brief visits with family members or other loved ones were best: With a more expansive stretch, there’s a better chance […]

the source of “stakes” in #acting

In acting classes, actors hear a lot about “stakes.” Stakes need to be “high”, stakes need to be “raised”, the scene needs “urgency”. Unfortunately, though, actors often aren’t given a whole lot of help with how to accomplish these instructions. “Raise the stakes!” At worst, actors walk away with the notion that raising the stakes […]

until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes

“Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” So the Native American proverb goes. Ever wonder why it’s the shoes? Why not “until you’ve walked a mile wearing his hat?” or “until you’ve walked a mile wearing his jacket?” But no. It’s the shoes. The layer of protection between us and […]