I was at the MOMA this weekend and saw a great installation called Smiths Karaoke, by an artist named Phil Collins (no relation to the singer that I know of.) The artist advertised for Smiths enthusiasts in Istanbul, and took videos of those who answered crooning along to the music of a song by the band. Most of the participants are Turkish, who have more command of English than anyone I know has of Turkish, but still, the songs are challenging for them to perform. The effect is often endearingly comical. However, some of the participants acquit themselves very well. The guy who does “Sing Me to Sleep” is astonishing. A friend of mine once said she thought that acting was about making one’s self completely transparent, and this guy does exactly that. He seems to be doing nothing but singing the song, but it breaks over you like a tidal wave. Not sure how long the installation is going to be there, so don’t wait!—-