1. to get to know a piece of dramatic writing really well, even intimately
2. to enjoy the challenge of learning a craft alongside others
3. to remember how much fun it is to play
4. to work towards being more available emotionally
5. to make new, enduring friendships
6. to learn more about character and story, and what makes them resonant
7. to tap into your core vitality, and learn to tap into it at will
8. to puzzle over a scene and eventually get to the bottom of it
9.to read a whole lot of stuff about creativity and process and how it works and why
10. to benefit from the wisdom and insight of a whole lineage of teachers going back to Stanislavsky
11. to be introduced to the Alexander technique, a body-mind approach to moving through your life with greater ease and presence
12. to build skill and confidence in expressing yourself publicly
13. to develop the skill of empathy
14. to derive satisfaction from crafting a scene over 10 weeks
15. to acquire a new, experiential way of understanding motivation, yours and other people’s
16. to become a better listener
17. to experience the pleasure of sharing your work with your friends and family and those of your classmates
18. to understand the awesome power of vulnerability

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