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one more thing about priming

This post is a follow up to this one about the importance of the ceremony of donning rehearsal clothes for a scene every time you rehearse it.

I have been continuing to read Dr. Dan Siegel’s Mindsight:

If you play tennis, for example, each time you put on your shorts and shoes,pick up your racket, and head for the court, your brain is actively creating a “tennis-playing state of mind.” In this state, you are primed to access your motor skills, your competitive strategies, and even your memories of prior games. If you are playing a familiar opponent, you’ll recall her moves, her strongest hits, and her weak spots. All of these memories, skills, and even feelings– of competition and aggression– are activated together.

Any questions?

Update: Tweet from Alain de Botton: Enduring wisdom of Zen Buddhism in making a central religious ritual out of the preparation and consumption of a cup of tea.

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