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on Chad Deity

I know I promised a review the day after I saw Chad Deity.

I’ve been dragging my feet because…I don’t have a lot that’s nice to say.

However. Let me say those few nice things first.

The set was GORGEOUS.

Chad Deity

And I had some good laughs.

And that’s really all.

The performances were mostly unremarkable, and some worse than that. Particularly disappointing was the lead, who talks constantly with the audience. It’s his story, and he just isn’t real enough or grounded enough to carry it off. His supposed emotional climaxes are empty, hollow and phoney.

My biggest problem was with the writing. First of all, it was confessional in genre, basically what we call a “My Life So Far” play. And not even really much of a play: more or less a narrated story, with occasional bursts of dramatization. And not even much of a story. It really doesn’t go…anywhere. And there was so much potential for it to be something more than that. The wrestling ring, masks, an “Elaborate Entrance”, a “Deity”, a staged sport, nationalism…as a context for a play, it was sheer genius. Genet would have been envious. But the execution…fell woefully short. I don’t know what it should have been, but I know was deeply disappointed in what it was.