“The great and liberating event in my life was in having my desires affirmed–in having someone I loved and admired and trusted tell me that I wasn’t foolish in hoping for, dreaming of, working toward my goals. And that event occurred when I met Hume, who swept away my fears–emotional, financial, physical–and allowed me to focus on being someone of merit. It happened again with Tennessee, who believed in me, trusted me with his child, which was his play. To be the recipient of love, of generosity, is the great, liberating event, and people can complain of the betrayals and the inconveniences, but to be bonded with, trusted by, held up by someone who wants you to do well is something I don’t even think words can honor. Give what you have, take what is given. It was hard for me to do this, but I did it. And I sit here today on top of some glorious memories.” Jessica Tandy/Interview with James Grissom/1991. (Photograph of Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy by Mary Ellen Mark/Sarasota, Florida/1980/On the set of “Honky Tonk Freeway.”)