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is there an echo in here?

Tonight I opened the Gronbeck-Tedesco book, just to kind of jumpstart my thinking, and I came across this nugget of wisdom:

A growing sense of personal security is essential in all the work an actor does both in performance and day-to-day training. By security, I mean a sense of self-trust and personal well-being that permits an actor to encounter with confidence and relish whatever is happening onstage or in the studio.

Sound familiar? From, like, yesterday on this blog?

We are all actors because of some deep-seated need to be seen, and yet, when we go to act, ambivalence about this desire to be seen can arise. Do we really want to be seen? Is this the way we want to be seen? What will people think? And these worries can entice us into playing it safe, trying to blend in, trying NOT to stand out.

Is it just me, or is there an echo in here?