“If there’s such a thing as knowing with the whole body, that is how this thing must be perceived, as it rings, pulses, sings through every cell, every thing. A mind is lost in it, held lovingly, sweetly. The mystery, the press forward, the wellspring, the magnetism of the atom, the dark matter, the beehive, the core of emotion, the only true love — as it excites every cell of every living thing, every mineral, spore — to forever expand,move forward, assimilate, learn, adapt to the light, to produce a new, stronger seed. It’s evident uniformly in all directions, behaves with perfect equanimity, with a
uniform purpose that reduces one to silence, terror, silence. There’s a great sense of urgency — to lean into
the onslaught with the full bearing, so that one can remain unperturbed. Otherwise there’s no chance. Things only increase, the ground quickly lost.”–Field of Weeds, Henry Grevemberg