Acting Class Los Angeles: Andrew Wood Acting Studio

New to the AWAS FAQ:

Do you teach audition technique?


Can you imagine an athlete trying out for a team and using a special “audition technique” during the try-out? What about a musician trying out for a band or an orchestra? Would they use an “audition technique”? Of course not. Audition technique is hogwash. An audition is an opportunity to show off your chops as an actor, not as an auditioner. The way to be a strong auditioner is to become a confident, skilled actor. So-called “audition technique” classes are chock full of cliched sage pronouncements like “Own your audition!” and “Make strong choices!” and “Show your range!” The projects you want to be a part of are the ones where the gatekeepers actually have a discerning eye for what good acting is, because those are the projects that will be successful, by and large. They are not going to be fooled by any “audition technique”. They want to see the real deal. Which is why you want to be in the class that will help you develop real skill. Like this one.