Acting Class Los Angeles: Andrew Wood Acting Studio

  • “Apparently, director Pam MacKinnon isn’t able to help. When she tried giving Pacino a note, sources say he snarled: “I’m not your f - - king puppet, Pam!” Since then, she’s been spotted nervously pacing at the back of the theater.”

  • “In the days I knew Helen Mirren, she was not at all the respectable figure who … is before you. She had wonderful techniques of not listening to the director when the director tried to give her notes. And her best ever technique was saying, “Come to the dressing room at a quarter to 7:00, and you can give me notes then.” And I knocked on the door and went into her dressing room, and she put aside the copy of the Evening Standard, which was briefly obscuring her, and she was absolutely stark naked and said to me: “Perhaps now you’d like to give me some notes.” And needless to say I muttered apologetically and left as fast as I possibly could.”

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