I recently reconnected with my colleague from the Yale School of Drama, CS “Charlie” Lee, who graduated from the acting program in 1998. I completed the directing program in 1997, so he was a year behind me. After we had both graduated, I directed a one act play called Nooner in New York for a theater company called Emerging Artists, and Charlie played the leading man.

Charlie went on to have an impressive acting career, appearing on Law and Order, The Sopranos, and many other TV shows, as his IMDb page reveals.

But he is best known for his work on Dexter, where he plays Dexter’s partner, Vince Masuka.

The master acting teacher we both studied with at Yale, Earle Gister, passed away in the last few years. Charlie appreciates that I am keeping Earle’s flame alive at Mother of Invention, and he graciously offered me the following endorsement:

“From working with Andrew and seeing his work, I can say that he has a deep love for the craft of acting, and he is extremely skilled at transmitting his formidable understanding to actors in ways that empower and inspire actors to do their best work.”–CS Lee of Showtime’s Dexter

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