The actor is a conferrer of authority.

The actor acts out a story, a fiction, an unreal situation, in such a way that gives that unreal situation the authority of something really happening. It’s not simply a matter of being believable. The true actor is not someone that you are able to believe. The true actor is someone who gives you no choice but to believe. In the presence of the true actor, belief is no longer necessary. What is happening through the true actor has an undeniable, irrefutable, indomitable authority. The question Do I believe this? is gone. The question Do I like this? is gone. The only question left is What is this that is happening before my eyes?

Think about that for a minute. Making something unreal real. Making something that is make-believe truly matter. Making nothing become something.

Acting is an image of divinity. Of God. Of God being God. Even if you don’t believe in God. Actors imitate the act of creation, of the kind of thing we think God would do, whether we think there is such a being or not.

No wonder we all like acting so much.

It doesn’t just show us ourselves. It shows us ourselves in the act of remaking the world.