Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist: JB Waterman

The constellation of artists that is Uranium Madhouse just got a little brighter with the addition of JB Waterman:

JB Waterman has performed in plays and films in Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle. Most recently he performed Henry in a production of Henry V at Island Stage Left in Washington State. Recently he has performed in “Conquest of the South Pole”, “The Bald Soprano”, “Tape” (Smith&Martin Co.), and “What the Butler Saw” (Court Theatre, Chicago). Other Chicago Theatre credits include “Angels in America” (Hypocrites), “Three Sisters”(Ground Up), and “La Traviata” (Hypocrites). His Film Credits include “Dickie Smalls: From Shame to Fame” and “Witchunt”. In addition to his training with Andrew Utter and Mother of Invention, he has trained at the School at Steppenwolf, Atlantic Theatre Co, at the Yale Summer Drama Program, and has studied Corporeal Mime with Thomas Leabhart. He lives in Los Angeles.

Welcome JB!

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Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist: Tyne Marie Gaudielle

Another day, another ridiculously talented Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist, Ms. Tyne Marie Gaudielle, recently seen in Mom at the Ark Theater Company in Los Angeles.

Tyne Marie Gaudielle was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She attended San Diego State University and majored in Theatre Performance. She studied acting abroad in Oxford, England, with the British American Drama Academy. From a young age, Tyne had a vivacious interest for creating and performing. Her family eagerly dismissed the idea of acting, though. Finally in high school, she was allowed to participate in her first play, Stepping Out. It was love! Past theatre work includes Mom, The Importance of Being Earnest, Ten Women, The Good Person of Szechwan, The Vagina Monologues, Letters From Home, Tough as Nails, and The Jungle Book. Past performance art work includes, Strings Attached and Chimera. Past short film work includes Broken Hearts, Thank You For Calling, My Sweetest Downfall, and Aim For the Heart: A Guide to Vampire Defense. .

Welcome Tyne!

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Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist: David Bauman

The march of massively talented people coalescing around Uranium Madhouse continues with David Bauman:

David Bauman is an actor, writer, and teacher in Los Angeles. Originally from Wisconsin, he received his B.A. in Theater and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin, and his M.F.A from U.C.L.A. In Los Angeles Bauman has worked with the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, Evidence Room Theater, Buzzworks Theater, The Blank, Theater Company’s Young Playwrights’ Festival and Living Room Series, and Sacred Fools, in classic and contemporary productions. Bauman has taught acting at UCLA, StageCoach School at CrossRoads, YADA (The Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Los Angeles, and is currently a member of the faculty at Idyllwild Arts Summer Conservatory, where he has been writing and directing original and adapted works for more than ten years, including his adaptation of Heinrich Hoffman’s Shockheaded Peter, The Red-Legged Scissorman, his musical adaptation of A League of Their Own, and his original musicals Down the Block, and The Scrugg Sisters. Bauman is currently preoccupied with the group SomeComedyThing, creating short films and webisodes.

Catch David in the hilarious holiday bacchanal Bob’s Holiday Office Party.

And check out David’s recent writing and directing work with a comedy troupe he works with (it comes after the commercial):

Welcome David!

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Angela Hahn books a role in an indie feature

Two-time SF Mother of Inventioner Angela Hahn just got a role in an independent feature film. And she found that her skills from class were a major help in preparing her audition, as she writes below:

The film is a low budget, feature length film by local film maker Dante Oliviero called Ozu. He describes it as a “horror/thriller” but without a lot of blood and guts. It’s about a girl who thinks she’s being followed by a ghost and turns to a ghost hunter for help. It’s written in “the spirit of Rashomon”, from 4 different characters’ perspectives..and it’s up to the audience to decipher the “real story”. In any event, I wanted to audition for the role of one of the detectives…but he had everyone use the same scene for the audition, which was a scene between Catherine, the girl who thinks she’s being followed, and the ghost hunter. He thought this scene would give him an idea of everyone’s acting ability.
Initially, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t read “as the detective” and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to play “the scared girl” who thinks she’s being followed. Even though I had very little information about the character and the story, I approached it in the way that I have learned in your class…to the best of my ability, I developed a “Who Am I?” for my character, what were the given circumstances, what had happened immediately before the scene, where do I live, where does the scene take place, what time is it, etc, and I really tried to personalize what it felt like to think I’m being followed/stalked. I also worked on developing the relationship with the other character in the scene, what was my objective, what do I need from the other character. During the audition, I reminded myself to “throw the ball” and try to receive what was coming at me. After the audition, the director commented that he could really tell that I had “done my homework and created a backstory for the character and the scene.” About a week later, the director called to let me know I got the role as the detective.

Congratulations Angela! Sounds like a FABULOUS project!

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happiness is…

…finding something like this in your gmail:

Hi A

thanks a lot for last night. it was really great to work on the scene with you. just wanted to share with you a couple notes about the experience from my journal this morning:

when i stayed on the offensive i was vulnerable in a totally new way. i was putting it out there and seeing what i would get back in return. there was greater force, clearer direction, and a sense of truly fighting for what i wanted. i don’t think i’ve ever acted that way before. instead i’ve always defaulted to reacting, which generally comes out as a “mood” or “emotional state.” in fact it’s a very neutered way of being.

through the rehearsal i also understood viscerally (and dramaturgically) how Ben is the protagonist in the play, even though everything seems to be happening to him. in the end he’s nearly brought to his knees, until the last scene when he does finally win the fight to count & bring meaning into his life.

that’s it. thanks again & see you tonight!


–email from Travis Shakespeare, actor

happiness is…2018-02-26T21:51:08-08:00

Tim Rossi lands role in indie film Sedona’s Rule

I just heard from Andrew Wood alum Tim Rossi that he will be appearing in the indie film Sedon’a Rule, shooting this June in San Francisco. The film is a thriller with sexual intrigue. More information here at


Congratulations Tim! Looking forward to seeing it!


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Jeremy Shortlived

Longtime MoIer Jeremy Mascia is acting in this thing called ShortLived, sort of a playwright’s reality show. Info below.

I’m in a play called Shortlived; after a successful debut last weekend I would like to let everyone know about it.

(press release)

PianoFight Productions presents a night of fully staged, short plays, by a myriad of writers, where each piece is scored by the audience. The two lowest scoring pieces are then replaced two weeks later by two brand new fully staged shorts. The writer who’s script(s) receive the longest run / highest raw score will be offered a four week run of an original full length play, to be produced by PianoFight, in Studio 250 at Off-Market.

The opening piece to every performance is an actual audition of someone we’ve never met, to become a member of PianoFight’s company.

– Line-ups and results will be posted on pianofight.com
– Anyone who brings a script to be considered for “ShortLived” will only pay half price to see the show
– Someone from the audience could end up being a writer for “ShortLived”
– The audience will choose the writer of a full length PianoFight production
– All submission of all formats/styles (under 30 pages) will be considered
– So far, all writers have responded to submission calls on CraigsList
– Go fuck yourself.
– Just kidding. Wanted to make sure you were still paying attention

Contributing Playwrights:
Megan Cohen, Richard Ciccarone, Geneva Lorraine Fiore, Luz Gaxiola, Brett Hursey, Ashley Perryman, Rob Ready, Chelsea Sutton, Dan Williams and more to come …

Bennie Bell, Diana Brown, Christy Crowley, Victor DeLucie, Heather Goddard, Stefanie Goldstein, Nina Harada, Jennifer Jaleh, Kat Kniesel, Jeremy Mascia, Eric Reid, Rob Ready, Farrah Saunders, John Steen, Dan Williams and more to come …

Gabi Patacsil, Rob Ready, Eric Reid

Audience Reviews:

“I thought that the event was a highly creative one. The plays were mostly excellent (two, I thought, were mediocre), but the audience got to vote on the plays! Nice involvement. I thought they were thoughtfully staged and acted as well.” 4/4 stars

“Hilarious! Super acting to boot! Can’t wait to see it again in a few weeks to see how it has morphed.” 3/4 stars

Hope you all can make it out (i don’t want to be voted off just yet), or if you have a short, contribute.

More info: http://pianofight.com

Tickets at brownpapertickets.com

OK, have a good one.


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