putting points on the board

AWAS alumni have been doing some incredible things lately.  Here are some of them:

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the payoff

I found this in my inbox today:

hi, Andrew-

thanks for the update on Uranium Madhouse, and the holiday card. so excited for the next staging!

i have been meaning to email you for ages to let you know that i have been cast in the Kentwood Players production of “Rabbit Hole” at the Westchester Playhouse. i’m playing Izzy (the sister) and i give a tremendous amount of credit to you and your class a couple years ago in my nabbing the part. i’d never even auditioned for anything before, so to be cast in a five-person play where i was up against dozens of actresses is very exciting and i know my Mother of Invention technique had a lot to do with it.

have a wonderful holiday!

-tara tyson
Andrew Wood Acting Studio L.A. Essentials class, Summer-Fall 2009

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Travis Shakespeare at the Raindance Film Festival

Everything’s coming up Travis these days!

The independent film Travis Shakespeare (Andrew Wood alum) played the lead in, All That Remains, will be screened at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival in Great Britain. Also, the film is being released in theaters in Switzerland, and the Swiss government is flying Travis around the country to help promote the film.

Travis is HUGE in Switzerland!


In his day job as TV producer, Travis is embarking on a documentary of Broadway legend Elaine Stritch

Travis Shakespeare at the Raindance Film Festival2018-02-26T21:49:45-08:00

they walk among us

I was delighted to get an email notification today about this tweet, from a current student of mine:

She was working on a film, turns out with another student of mine, this one from a few years ago in San Francisco.

The Andrew Wood Mafia. We are legion.

they walk among us2018-02-26T21:49:55-08:00

Travis Shakespeare in yet another (!) Film Festival

Two-time Mother of Inventioner and Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist Travis Shakespeare played a leading role in the independent film All That Remains, which has now been screened at Festivals such as Cinequest and two Swiss film festivals. It’s being screened in Munich this evening. Congratulations Travis!

You can see him in the trailer for the movie here.

AND you can hear Travis talk about his experience at Mother of Invention right here:

Looking forward to watching the film!

Travis Shakespeare in yet another (!) Film Festival2018-02-26T21:49:58-08:00

from The Office to Torchwood

Mother of Inventioner and Uranium Madhouse Associate Artist Cris D’Annunzio knows how to hustle. Fresh off of his appearance on The Office, he is about to start shooting an episode of Torchwood. He will play a mob boss who the intrepid Captain Jack Harkness will have to tangle with. Right on Cris! Keep it coming!

Andrew Wood Acting Studio
from The Office to Torchwood2011-03-20T03:29:00-07:00

what Ari’s been up to

Two-time Mother of Inventioner Ari Kanamori is winding up work on an indie feature, Falling Uphill, in which he played the starring role. The Kickstarter video below has some footage of Ari at work on the film. Congratulations Ari, looking forward to seeing it!

Andrew Wood Acting Studio
what Ari’s been up to2011-02-04T22:36:00-08:00

Cris D’Annunzio on The Office tonight!

Andrew Wood alum Cris D’Annunzio taped an episode of The Office a couple months back, and the episode is airing tonight.

Congratulations Cris!

Cris D’Annunzio on The Office tonight!2018-02-26T21:50:10-08:00
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