Jenny Bennett, daughter of the magnificent Robin Bennett, made this comment on Facebook in response to my post the actors in the hallway

Amen, brother. Hallway actors at auditions drive me nuts. They’re also the ones who’ll pepper everyone with questions about ‘How’d it go’, ‘Did you (= ‘Should I’) use an accent?’ ( or do people talk just like I normally do in a hallway in 21st c NYC, in a play set in 18th century Georgia? But they didn’t read the play, so how would they know?), ‘I’m just gonna do it funny, you know?’, ‘Were they nice?’, etc. before going in and shouting their way through, mistaking volume for intention and insouciant disregard of craft for presence, operating as if they can find some loophole in the process that will compensate for their lack of preparation so as to hold the process accountable when they inevitably don’t book it.

As righteous a rant as I’ve seen in many a year. And concise to boot! Not to mention funny! Props to Jenny. Would LOVE to see her play Beatrice!

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