Acting Class Los Angeles: Andrew Wood Acting Studio

I am excited to make the following announcement:

Project: Cold Sweat (Play)
Author: Neal Bell
Company: Uranium Madhouse
Director: Andrew Wood
Production Venue: Atwater Village Theater
Production Dates: 5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/5,6/6,
Contract: AEA Los Angeles 99-seat Plan
Submissions: casting@uraniummadhouse.org


Logline: In this edgy comedy, surgeon Alice Franklin makes a reputation for herself as an advocate for the right of the terminally ill to know the truth of their situation, but when she meets a charismatic faith-healer who appears to be able to connect with the dead, she must decide whether to abandon all she has achieved for the possibility of reconnecting with those whom she misses most.


ALICE FRANKLIN — 35, female, white. Surgeon, fiercely intelligent, loves to crack wise, swears like a sailor, yet very high-minded, self-effacing, tender-hearted. One scene calls for her to start to unbutton her blouse and hold a cigarette up to her breast, but full toplessness is not required. Exposure can be kept as minimal as possible.

JAMIE — 35, male, white. Surgeon, introspective, unapologetic, assured.

GORDON — 35, male, African-American. Surgeon, generous, caring, has a very sensitive bullshit detector.

DR. HANSON — 55, male, white. Doctor, hospital administrator, Alice’s boss. Prides himself on running an effective department and handling high-strung doctors with a light touch. But will draw a line when necessary.

EMMA — 55-65, female, white. Earthy, raised on old-time religion whether or not she still believes it, urban blue-collar, mind like a steel trap.

BESS FRANKLIN — 55-65, female, white. Alice’s mother. Educated, sharp, opinionated, with a kind heart underneath it all. Can be a bit of a clown. Fiercely devoted to her husband and afraid of aging alone.

COURT FRANKLIN — 55-65, male, white. Alice’s father, a fatalistic charmer.

FAY — 30, female, white. Describes herself as a permanent temp, sharp as nails, a match for Alice in that department. A liberated woman. Well-endowed (this is discussed in the script), one scene calls for her to remove her bikini top for a time.

LEON — 35, male, doctor, white or Asian. Extroverted, wry, thoracic surgeon. A swinger, but ready to give it all up for the right woman. Secure enough to let an alpha woman be the alpha.

RAY — 55-65, male, white. Emma’s erstwhile husband. A charismatic faith-healer. Swagger and a shit-eating grin.