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altered barbie

Hi all,

I was walking on Market St last night and I passed a storefront. I immediately recognized the vibe emerging from it to be that of a gallery opening. I looked more closely and realized that this must be the opening of the Altered Barbie show, for which I had seen postcards at my favorite local haunt, Cafe La Vie. I was on my way somewhere, so I didn’t get to go in, but what I saw in the front display windows looked like it would be worth revisiting…Barbie with lots of burning-man like body mods and apparel. The card shows Barbie wearing a tutu, striking a balletic pose, but with a birdcage for a head. Rene Magritte would be proud. And there’s plenty of altered Ken as well, so there’s something for everyone. 1554 Market is what I saw, and postcard says there is also something at 580 Hayes at Laguna. Checkit.



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