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Advanced Acting Class

Refine Your Talent, Master Your Craft


Students who have participated in two 10-week cycles of the Essentials course are eligible to join the Advanced Workshop, which is offered periodically, according to demand.

More Information

The Advanced Workshop is a Los Angeles acting class in which Andrew continues to work with students to develop their facility with the skills and principles presented in the Essentials Workshop. Students are admitted to the Advanced class based both on their level of skill in their acting and on their comprehension of the approach taught in the Essentials Workshop.

The Advanced Workshop affords highly dedicated students of acting who share a way of working the opportunity to work together and be challenged by rich, demanding dramatic works.  Class size is limited to twelve students.  Students are required to enroll six to eight weeks in advance, so that scene assignments can be made and students can begin rehearsing their scenes, so that they can be brought into class in a greater state of readiness than is often possible in the Essentials Workshop.

Each Advanced Workshop class has a specific focus, but most of them include some focus on developing a deeper approach to the Five Questions framework presented in the Essentials class. Some Advanced classes have focused on Shakespeare and enriching the actor’s relationship with language, others have worked with classic writers such as Ibsen and Chekhov, and others work on contemporary material.

Some Advanced Workshops are team taught by certified Alexander Technique practitioner Leah Zhang, and partnerships with other Teaching Associates are possible in the future.