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Indie queen Patricia Clarkson keeping it real

I’m a fan of Patricia Clarkson. And I’m most assuredly not alone, as this Wall Street Journal profile of the accomplished actor notes.

“Some very nice people, bless them, think actress Patricia Clarkson is a movie star. Ms. Clarkson, who plays a feckless mother in “Friends With Benefits” and a doomed mother in “One Day” (which opens Friday), is grateful. Grateful, yes, and admirably quick to acknowledge that most members of this select group live in her native New Orleans, or in her Manhattan neighborhood, share her last name or are her closest friends.

Anyway, “work is work,” she said gamely. “Bottom line: We’re all actors.”

And what I especially like about Patricia Clarkson is that she trained at the Yale School of Drama, with some of the same teachers I did. She is a living example of the power that the methodology that I teach can unleash