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This NPR story about the singer Jewel, and her new book, and all that she had to overcome to become who she is, is ruthlessly inspiring.

Physically abusive father. Boss who withheld paycheck when she refuses to have sex with him. Consequent eviction. Living in her car. Kidney problems that made keeping a job very hard. Homelessness. Agoraphobia. Shoplifting.

And then…major label bidding war.

It’s worth listening to. I know, you’re busy. But…seriously. Listen to it.

And I loved this:

“You realize that so much of success, whether it’s personal happiness or career, is really just about not giving up,” she says. “It’s about who has the grit to keep standing. And that’s what my life’s been about. It’s brought me to my knees again and again.

Why does that sound familiar?

Chekhov, The Seagull

Nina:“…I understand, finally, that in our business — acting, writing, it makes no difference — the main thing isn’t being famous, it’s not the sound of applause, it’s not what I dreamed it was. All it is is the strength to keep going, no matter what happens.”

It’s something we all need to hear.